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A powerful BI platform for the retail industry that offers over 2,500 built-in metrics and hundreds of KPIs, reports, and dashboards.

Delivers industry-specific analytics while reducing the effort needed to create and deploy such sophisticated platforms from years to weeks. Its cloud-hosted enterprise data warehouse provides cross-channel visibility and a single version of the truth for enterprise analytics. Take full advantage of real-time information on stock levels and your customers’ purchasing behavior to manage your supply chain and meet consumer demand with unprecedented agility.

Your go-to solution for accurate, efficient travel insurance policy management.

Is a cloud-based insurance solution designed to simplify the management of international and domestic travel insurance and travel for treatment (T4T). It also includes a comprehensive description of policy and benefits to facilitate clients’ understanding. TrIPS ensures that all your data and relevant information is available online in one place. It allows you to create and issue policies, manage agencies, and make better decisions using detailed user and agency reports.

Manage, share, and steer the vast capabilities of your staff, focus on your critical talent, and support strategic HR processes.

Is a human capital management solution that offers organizations the tools they need to create a workforce that can become their most coveted competitive advantage. Its modular architecture makes it simple to add modules to the core application as your organization grows. SysHCM helps organizations lower their human resource costs, streamline their entire recruit-to-retire spectrum, expand their talent pool, shorten their hiring process, and simplify HR information and benefits management for employees.

A state-of-the-art suite of modular tools for intelligent fashion supply chain and direct-to-consumer operations.

Is a true end-to-end solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, and intelligent cloud for manufacturers and retailers in fashion, apparel, and footwear. HauteLogic enables digital transformation using best-in-class cloud, robotic automation, AI, machine learning, and analytics technologies. It seamlessly extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help fashion brands streamline operations, improve collaboration, and achieve faster time to market.

Highly scalable, reliable, and configurable B2B data interchange with EDI and non-EDI trading partners.

Can transmit data between large enterprises with either VAN-based or direct-to-partner connections. It is designed for rapid implementation and is capable of processing thousands of transactions per hour. Its EDI-optimized business rule engine and extensive preconfigured business rule library greatly improve the partner onboarding process and support all major transport protocols, including AS2, EDIFACT, FTP, SMTP and X12, as well as custom formats.

Achieve omnichannel unified commerce between your existing eCommerce implementation and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Seamlessly and securely unifies your existing eCommerce solution with Dynamics 365. It eliminates error-prone and time-consuming manual integration between platforms and creates a single, synchronized system for centralized channel management. It is designed to cost-effectively address the needs of omnichannel retailers by taking full advantage of existing ERP and eCommerce investments and placing no constraints on either system. Middleware Connector intelligently delivers a streamlined cross-channel experience for consumers.

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